korisniknepostoji Bootstrap 3 Fixed Layout Example


In today's world internet is the most popular way of making a marketing. At MyEasySlider you can make a featured and yet easy to create fotomotion slider for making your product noticeable. The essential of web marketing technologies is to present your product to your costumers in the best way. So with this easy to use tool, you will in a minutes make a remarkable, nice, vivid slideshow for your product, to attract more attantion of your costumers around the world.

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You can do it in a few steps.Read more how to get it:

1. select pictures

For making a slide show for your product, you must first choose a few pictures of your product, and to put them in a slider DB in a way as easy as to drag (or paste) URL of them in a field on the screen. After that you accept those pictures in your slade generator and follow up with step 2.

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2. select size, duration and animation

In this step you choose height and width of your slider, type in a duration in miliseconds, and choose a type of animation. In a prewiev window you can imediately see how your slider will look on your site.If you are satisfied width what you see, you can procede to step 3.

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3. make your slider

In this step, you only click on a button and get your slider finished. You can see how it looks on the screen, following a link you got, and/or get a HTML widget to insert it in your web site. So you see, the MyEasySlider is a quite simple, but steel powerful and easy to use tool for faster and easier web development.

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